Christa’s design company has helped me choose paint colors and accent colors for furniture and fabrics ALL online.  Her ideas and suggestions have transformed the look and feel of several rooms in my house.  As a military spouse, I have struggled to find design ideas that are affordable and versatile that I can take with me when I move to a new home with new spaces.  I have used Christa’s design expertise several times over the years to help with my style and design struggles and I am always happy with the outcome.  I am confident that her design company will meet your design needs.” Season P.

“Christa has helped transform my house into a beautiful home.  She spent time looking at my spaces and the items we already owned and then went shopping with me.  Her ideas were unique and tasteful.  Even when I wasn’t sure about something, Christa asked me to trust her and once she had the flowers arranged or the mirror hung or the pillows placed, I ended up being thrilled every time!  She totally changed the look of my dining room, bedroom, family room and basement.  I highly recommend that if you want a polished complete and beautiful look, let Christa help you!” Dawn P.

“Three of the four houses that I have lived in as a military wife have the “Christa” touch in them. As I sit here typing, I look at the unusual wall art Christa helped me pick out, the modern orange lamp that pulls my living and dining room together and how she helped us use our space efficiently with an extra bookshelf I never would have placed in the dining room. It works! She even helped me in the kitchen… organizing dishes, cups and kitchen appliances. She has the eye for design with your personality combined with the desire to keep everything organized and efficient. She gives everything she has with more than a smile, as she immerses herself in your house to make it the best for you. I love her and would recommend to her anyone!” Ingrid B.

“Creative, fresh ideas, works with what you have (thus saving you money),  and shows you how to shop! ” Anna N.

“I love working with a designer who will listen to what I have to say and can see my vision and Christa did that and so much more.  She was there with me and for me every step of the way from picking out the colors for my whole house to all the accessories to go with every room. Her knowledge of interior designing is never ending. Christa is not afraid to try new things with decorating even her own home, which I feel gives her an even better personal insight as to what works and what will not work.  I have also taken some of her workshops which were fun and full of information.”  Heather C.

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